sportswear of big brand names

Stockpoint is specialized in sportswear of big brand names such as Nike, adidas, Puma, Fila, Kappa, Caterpillar and many more. Stockpoint is a wholesaler that purchases large lots of products that were pre-ordered. When an order is cancelled or in case of over-stocks, Stockpoint purchases remainder lots and sample lots.


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Stockpoint stands for quality. The interest of our customers is our starting point. Our products and services must match our customer’s needs. Clear communication combined with efficient business processes are essential to serve our customers. Our customers can be convinced that their requests and orders are in the hands of a specialist. We listen, think along with customers and are doing our utmost to maintain them. Based on Stockpoint’s experience, we will always provide a fair and proper advise in case a product does not suit our customer’s organisation.


Stockpoint strives to offer our customers the best possible prices, the best available selections. We prefer that our customers have success in all phases in the sales channels. Stockpoint will advise our customers in order to support in obtaining a sufficient Return of Cash Flow.


Stockpoint is a responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient supplier. We conduct business with integrity and fairness. We focus on our customer’s needs. We continuously train our employees & improve our processes. We monitor market developments and will maintain our position to grow with the market.

Our business model

Good amount of flexibility and knowing when to participate in a trend; key aspects to stay successful

Stockpoint’s strong position because of Dual focus on the B2B AND B2C markets

Stockpoint offers long term purchase contracts with max. 10 months duration

If required, Stockpoint provide service on storage and fulfillment (ready packed, pre-packing, labeling, new carton boxes etc.)

Stockpoint take pre-orders regularly

Stockpoint always stock the basics items as these will sell independently of market shifts

Our customers

  • Sport stores
  • Large retailers
  • International grouped chains
  • Online webshops
  • Retailers who are excluded from direct deliveries from brand holders:
    • Due to European & International demands for brand products, the brand holders lower their distribution channels as their main focus is “online”.
    • Because of this market movement, Stockpoint is strongly growing as from 2017 and the number of requests for quotations is growing. This means that the Stockpoint organisation is expanding until today.

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